Elevenfold is a media production and online communications firm committed to the success of socially responsible and progressive companies, organizations, and institutions. We are digital storytellers who believe that true stories about real people are the taproots of any successful media campaign.

Craft. Connection. Creating community around your organization. This is what we do.


We produce videos, photos, audio pieces, and multimedia projects.

We design websites that use the content we produce to tell your story.

We help you strategize about ways to connect with and engage your target audience.

Your Story. Well Told.

Our greatest value lies in our ability to weave character, conflict, language, imagery, design, and rhythm into that most powerful and fundamental element of community building—a story. People are hard-wired to respond to it. We get it. And experience has taught us that any good media campaign seeking to strike deep chords in an audience must be built on a foundation of compelling stories.

Your goals depend on your ability to connect with your target audience. Your media campaign won’t survive on facts or flash alone. It must be human. It has to beat and breathe. Our stories, well told, are carefully designed to do just that. We will bring our knowledge of the craft and the newest of digital media technologies to bear on your story. Your audience won’t merely identify with you. They will rally for you and your success.

Our Team

We take your project to heart. When you trust us with your media project, you are hiring a young, earnest, savvy team of creative professionals eager to see your organization flourish. And because we are also a company whose goals begin and end with community and social responsibility, we see your success as our success. Therefore, we are openly collaborative and inclusive in our approach. We encourage your direct involvement in the process wherever possible.

  • Sarah Foy
    Sarah FoyCo-Founder

    Sarah’s interest in documentary storytelling and media has always been about an underlying commitment to social justice and civic engagement. She has more than a decade’s worth of experience doing communications work for political, non-profit, and private-sector organizations in the U.S., and since moving to Canada in 2012, she has focused on producing multimedia projects with civil rights-related themes. When she is not behind a camera or in front of a computer, she can be found studying maps, shooting hoops, or picking a banjo.

    • Fraser Hogarth
      Fraser HogarthCo-Founder

      Fraser brings a passion for finding ways that technology can help us explore the richness and nuance of the world in which we live, and communicating these discoveries with others. After years of freelance photography, video production, and web design, Fraser has developed a diverse skillset that allows him to approach media projects in a holistic fashion. Pastimes of note include getting lost on his bike, solving crossword puzzles, and finding the appropriate Monty Python reference for any given situation.

      This stuff is serious fun for us.  We love to share it.

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